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Experience the magic of THC distillate


Cannabis comes in a variety of forms that you can consume: flower, edibles, concentrates…you name it. There are endless options within each category. Many people associate weed with just smoking joints, but there’s so much more to it than that, and traditional smoking isn’t for everyone. 


If you’re looking for the most potent THC product out there, then distillate is your answer. It is the product with the purest form of THC, and it has the highest concentration of THC out of all of the different cannabis extracts, including shatter, budder, and hash. Our THC distillate for sale will provide you with a magically strong high, that’s cleaner than smoking flower.

How potent is THC distillate?


When we say THC distillate is potent, we really mean it. When you smoke cannabis flower, or bud, in a joint, bong, or pipe, you’re experiencing a THC concentration of up to 25%. However, most strains of bud will have an even lower concentration than that. Next up, you have hash, which will have a potency of about 40% to 55% THC. Shatter, a type of cannabis concentrate, jumps up to around 80% THC. Then, you have distillate, which typically ranges from 80% to 90% THC concentration. However, it’s possible for a distillate to reach a whopping 99% THC. Now that’s strong! When you buy THC distillate, you know you’re getting the most potent weed product on the market. 


How to use THC distillate


One of the many reasons we love distillate is that you can use it in multiple ways. You can vaporize (AKA vape) it by using a THC distillate cartridge in a vape pen for easy, fast consumption. Alternatively, you can dab it the same way you dab with other concentrates, like shatter. If inhalation isn’t your thing, no worries. You can still use THC distillate. By using a syringe, you can consume the distillate by letting it dissolve under your tongue. Or, you can even make your own edibles by cooking or baking with the distillate. 


With any of these methods, remember that a little goes a long way. Start slow. 


The benefits of THC distillate


Cannabis has so many benefits, and the same goes for THC distillate. The extra concentrated distillate will provide you with a strong and clean high, whether you’re looking for symptom relief, fun, relaxation, or all three!

Our selection of THC distillate for sale spans across the board of different strains of weed. We have super relaxing indica strains, uplifting sativa strains, as well as hybrid strains that are a mix of the two. 


When you buy THC distillate from our online weed shop, on each product page, you can learn about the specific strain and its effects. You can’t go wrong, though, if you’re a cannabis lover, you’ll love any type of distillate that we offer.