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Find Pink and Purple Kush Online at Chronic Store

Pink Kush and Purple Kush are relatively popular strains of cannabis, with Pink Kush being particularly popular in Canada. Both are known for their significant coloring, as well as the earthy and sweet overtones that come from being of the kush variety. While both have multiple similarities, they also have traits that make them stand out from one another.

         Purple Kush is the result of crossing the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains. It is a pure indica that is known for its effects of long-lasting euphoria, ridding the body of pain and stress. Pink Kush, on the other hand, is known for its close relation to the OG Kush strain. It is a hybrid but is also indica-dominant. Its pink-haired buds are covered in sugar-like trichomes, and its aroma carries traces of vanilla and candy perfume. Known for having a high potency, the Pink Kush strain can eliminate pain, insomnia, and appetite loss even in small doses.

         Purple Kush at Chronic Store

         When looking to buy Purple Kush strains online, Chronic Store offers two different brands of Purple Kush shatter. Both Grizzly Extracts and Original Extracts offer a Purple Kush shatter that ranges in THC concentration from 75-85% and is offered in single gram quantities. This shatter is perfect for dabbing and usually has a duration of 1 to 3 hours. Its blissful, long-lasting euphoria rids the body of pain, sleeplessness, and stress. Our Purple Kush shatter is perfect for activities like sleeping, listening to music, or watching a movie.

         Pink Kush at Chronic Store

         Unlike with Purple Kush, our Pink Kush comes in two different forms, both as a pre-roll and as a hash. Our Pink Kush strain offers flavors that are sweet, while still being flowery and earthy. It gives users a relaxed, happy feeling that is perfect for watching TV, listening to music, or sleeping.

Our Pink Kush pre-roll comes in 0.5g quantities with a THC range of 16%-21%. These joints rank as a medium on our dankness scale, and their effects are expected to last between 1 and 2 hours.

Chronic Store offers two varieties of hash made from our Pink Kush strain. Our Pink Kush Premium Hash is currently available in single gram quantities, while our Pink Kush Black Hash comes in 3.5g packages.

Chronic Store doesn’t stop at just our Purple Kush and Pink Kush strains. Check out our online shop full of cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles that will meet all of your weed buying needs.