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Hybrid Weed Strains Available at Chronic Store

When it comes to selecting which weed strain is right for you there are three categories you first have to choose from, indica, sativa, and hybrid. Indica strains are known for the relaxing effect they have on the user and are often used for medicinal purposes such as treating depression or anxiety symptoms or bodily aches and pains. Sativa strains, on the other hand, are used for their energizing effects. These strains often have euphoric effects on the user. Hybrid weed strains are a combination of these two. Hybrid weed often has varying effects depending on which breed is the more dominant of the mix, either the indica or the sativa.

If you’re looking to buy hybrid weed online, Chronic Store has a large selection of hybrid weed strains. Our selection is so large, in fact, that there’s no way we could fit all of them into this article! So, we’ve decided to talk about our cookie strains today. The next time you’re looking for a new hybrid weed to try out, maybe consider a few of these sweet treats.

Bubba Cookies

This hybrid weed is a cross between Bubba Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. With a 20% THC concentration, Bubba Cookies carries an earthy, hashy flavor while still holding notes of sweetness. This hybrid weed has dense, resinous buds that give the user a high that will have them floating for hours. As an indica dominant hybrid, we recommend pairing this hybrid weed strain with a night of take out and a movie.

Ghost Cookies

Ghost Cookies is a hybrid weed strain cross between Ghost OG and Girl Scout Cookies. With a THC concentration of 19-23%, this hybrid weed maintains the doughy aroma Cookies are known for while also having an abundance of hash and sweetness. Despite being a hybrid weed strain, Ghost Cookie buds have dark, broad-leaved indica foliage. Like a true hybrid weed mix though, this strain’s effects are euphoric and uplifting, making this the perfect pair with activities like creating art and socializing with friends.

Nitro Cookies

The final hybrid weed strain on our list, Nitro Cookies is a cross between Gasmask and Animal Cookies. True to its name, this hybrid weed carries a strong aroma that is earthy and gassy yet fruity, while at the same time having a taste that is sweet. With a 15-23% THC concentration, this hybrid weed delivers uplifting and calming effects that encourage a creative energy boost, making this a great strain for using before letting your creative wiles run free.