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At Chronic Store, we offer customers cannabis for every price range, whether you’re looking for a cheap ounce, a mid-grade buy, or even some top shelf weed. As far as our top-rated strains of weed go, customers can find AAAA pre-rolls within our own Chronic Store brand, as well as whole grams from Forget U Not. So, whether you’re looking for a quick, portable smoke or a way to stock up for a while, Chronic Store’s best kinds of weed are ready to fill all your cannabis needs.

         Chronic Store Pre-Rolls

         Sometimes the best kinds of weed are meant to be enjoyed in moderation, with not enough to raise your tolerance too high, but just enough to take you to new heights every now and then. This is just part of what makes our AAAA pre-rolls so great, giving customers just a taste of our top shelf weed, letting you break out the best of the best during those special moments that deserve a proper celebration. Each joint comes in a sealed container, guaranteeing freshness in every purchase. Our pre-rolls are made with only top shelf weed buds, with not a trace of shake in sight.

         As far as our AAAA pre-roll strains of weed go, we offer a choice selection of indicas and hybrids. Customers who are fans of spicy, woody strains will be happy with our collection of 33rd Degree, Concord and Cream, Golden Glue, and Nanitro. If none of these top shelf weeds are to your taste, then perhaps we can interest you in our herbal berry strain that carries pungent notes of diesel, Tina’s Cream. No matter the taste, our pre-rolls are full of the best kinds of weed for relaxing after a long day of work with your favorite TV show or even a good book.

         Forget U Not AAAA Buds

         Another way to order top shelf weed from Chronic Store is by shopping with one of our partner brands, Forget U Not. A company that prides itself on its expertly bred strains of weed, each bud has had its genetics hand selected from the world’s finest cannabis lineages. With a large selection of hybrids and a few indicas, these top shelf weed buds are available in quantities of 7g and 28g. Forget U Not offers customers many different berry flavored strains, from Sunset Mac and Sofie’s Breath to Slurricane and Divine Banana. For users looking for a spicier option in their strains of weed, we also have 33rd Degree and Cookies and Cream available for sale.