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Unique THC Candy Finds at Chronic Store

Anyone who is familiar with buying THC candy online will recognize the many variations of cannabis gummies and jellies that are available for sale. THC gummies are a great way to offer customers a wide variety of flavors and doses, but there are so many other possibilities for marijuana candy outside of a gummy mold. At Chronic Store we provide users with both typical and non-traditional forms of weed candy in the hopes that every customer will find a form of edible THC that is just right for them.

         Hard THC Candy

         While gummies and jellies are fun, easily transportable snacks, not everyone enjoys the squishy consistency of these THC treats. Thankfully for those users, Mota also offers customers Dweebs THC Candy, a small, hard candy that is a handful of colorful flavors. These little balls of hard THC candy are even more discreet than a single packaged gummy, looking like a bag of candies you would buy from the corner store despite packing 125mg of medicinal THC. Since these weed candies are so small, you’ll likely have to eat a few in order to get a significant enough THC dosage, but their sweet fruity flavors are sure to make the experience worth it.

         Healthy THC Candy

         It’s true that most cannabis edibles are filled with sugar no matter what kind of marijuana candy you’re eating, be it a brownie, gummy, or some other kind of sweet. For customers searching for a slightly healthier option we must once again look toward Mota, who has made a sweet cannabis snack without any added sugar. By infusing kiwi slices with THC and CDB and then drying them out for easy shipping Mota has created a cannabis candy that everyone can enjoy. Each bag contains 80mg of THC and 10mg of CBD, making these weed candies a great remedy for daily stress and anxiety.

         Chewy THC Candy

         Most cannabis candies at Chronic Store are offered in some kind of fruity flavor, but what about customers who don’t enjoy fruit flavored candy? Well, those customers will be happy to learn about Twisted Extracts’ cara-melt THC candies. Available in both indica and sativa varieties, these sticky sweet caramels are each individually wrapped and packed with 10mg of THC. Medicated with Twisted Extracts’ own in-house brand of cannabis oil, these weed candies are full of buttery caramel flavor, perfectly masking the cannabis taste that comes with most edibles. Since we recommend always taking edibles with some other form of food, these cara-melt THC candies act as the perfect after dinner treat.