Fuego Extracts

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Fuego Extracts Shatter and Vape at Chronic Store

When it comes to creating a large stock of cannabis and cannabis concentrates for customers to shop from, Chronic Store has opened its shelves to many different marijuana brands. One such cannabis concentrate brand is Fuego Extracts.

         Fuego Extracts

         This brand specializes in both shatter and vape pen cartridges, offering customers many fruity and sweet flavors such as Agent Orange, Fruit Loops, and Cotton Candy. Fuego Extracts has made a name for themselves for being notoriously hard to find. Producing exclusively small batch extracts, these cannabis concentrate products can be found within their elusive black box. Customers won’t find any Fuego Extracts on the shelves of their local retailer either, though thankfully Fuego Extracts Canadian customers can turn to online retailers such as Chronic Store to get their fix of this hard to find shatter and vape distillate.

         Fuego Extracts Shatter

         Fuego Extracts shatter comes in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, giving customers plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selecting what type of high they want. Whether you’re looking for an uplifting, euphoric sativa, a relaxing, pain relieving indica, or a satisfying medium of the two, Fuego Extracts is sure to provide customers with a shatter that is fruity and sweet. Each Fuego Extracts shatter is sold in single gram quantities.

         Fuego Extracts Vape Cartridges

         Fuego Extracts offers customers premium quality vape distillate that is made without thinners of any kind such as Vitamin E oils, and absolutely no synthetic terpenes. Available in fun, sweet flavors like Root Beer, Skittles, and Fruit Loops, Fuego Extracts vape cartridges will bring customers a smooth, relaxing high. Each cartridge is made for the standard 510 thread battery, making them easily compatible with most users’ vaping tools. Each cartridge comes in single gram quantities and can be hooked up to any ccell vaping pen.

         In order for customers to receive the best possible experience and taste from Fuego Extracts’ vape refill cartridges we highly recommend priming each cartridge before use. Simply take five pulls from the cartridge, each at least five seconds long, without pressing the power button on your battery. This prevents any sort of flavor alterations that might occur due to burning, allowing customers to experience all of the sweet, fruity goodness that Fuego Extracts’ vape cartridges have to offer.