Green Gold Shatter

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Chronic Store partners with many different brands in order to bring their customers the largest selection of cannabis and cannabis concentrates possible. One of these brands is Green Gold Shatter, which specializes in the cannabis concentrate of its namesake.

         Green Gold Shatter

         Green Gold Shatter is a producer of premium grade concentrates, each one created and lab-tested within their hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As a brand, Green Gold Shatter is committed to producing pharmaceutical grade concentrates and creates each strain with its medicinal properties in mind. Shipping is available to customers all across Canada in order to meet as many patients’ medicinal and recreational needs as possible.

         Shatter Products

         Green Gold Shatter prides itself on its 20 different strains of shatter, each crafted to perfection. Their range of products is wide enough that even the pickiest of customers can find a strain that suits them best, whether it’s an indica like Death Star, a sativa, such as Tangerine Dream, or a hybrid like White Widow. Their range is not limited to a strain’s effects though, also encompassing a wide variety of tastes. Whether customers want something that’s citrusy and spicy like Lemon Walker OG, something earthy and pungent like Bubba Kush, or even something that tastes like sweet berries like Blueberry, Green Gold Shatter has all of their bases covered. Each product is stocked full of medicinal properties as well, making them a great source of treatment for stress, pain, insomnia, depression, and lack of appetite.

         Using Green Gold Shatter

         For any customers looking to buy Green Gold Shatter, you must first have the correct tools to use it with. Shatter is a cannabis concentrate, but one that has not yet been decarboxylated, meaning that it needs to be heated up in order to activate all of the wonderful components that create a blissfully high feeling within its users. Using shatter is not so easy as smoking it out of a bowl though. Even Green Gold Shatter must be used within a dab rig or a vaporizer pen that has been specifically designed for solids instead of the distillate that most vape pens use. This is known as dabbing, and dabs are far more potent than smoking regular dry herb, meaning that it will take very few hits of Green Gold Shatter to have users riding a perfect high.