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Of the many brands that Chronic Store partners with in order to bring customers the largest selection possible of cannabis and cannabis concentrates, Grizzly Extracts specializes in providing users with quality THC shatter. Comprised of a team that has a 20-year long history within the cannabis industry, Grizzly Extracts is committed to providing patients with high quality concentrates. With their slogan, “inhale the medicine and exhale the pain,” they offer shipping to patients all across Canada.

         Of the many strains that Grizzly Extracts carries, the few that we would like to highlight in this article are Grizzly Purple Kush, Amnesia, and OG Kush.

         Grizzly Purple Kush Shatter

         A pure indica strain, this Grizzly Kush strain is the result of crossing Hindu Kush with Purple Afghani. Its aroma is subtle, carrying the earthy yet sweet overtones that are usually found within Kush varieties. Grizzly Purple Kush creates a blissful, long-lasting euphoria within its users while still remaining true to its indica brand, providing a physical relaxation that is perfect for ridding the body of pain, sleeplessness, and stress. Since Grizzly Purple Kush is guaranteed to make users both hungry and sleepy, we recommend settling down somewhere comfortable with lots of snacks when partaking in this particular strain.

         Amnesia Shatter

         A traditionally sativa-dominant strain, this Amnesia shatter may have some variation depending on its breeders. A descendent of legendary genetics such as Skunk, Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer, this Grizzly Extracts shatter carries on their legacy of uplifting, creative, and euphoric effects, making it perfect for users who are suffering from mood disorders. This Amnesia shatter is great to use on a relaxing night of staying in and doing something relaxing that brings joy, such as cooking, creating art, or playing games. Users will find themselves tickled by this Grizzly Extracts’ flavor profile as well, as this strain blends together flavors that are fruity, peppery, and minty all at once.

         OG Kush Shatter

         Like most of Grizzly Extracts’ shatter products, OG Kush has a THC range of 75-85%. Its unique terpene profile gives this Grizzly Kush an aroma and flavor that combine notes of fuel, skunk, and spice. As a hybrid strain, OG Kush is able to give users the relaxation they are seeking without putting them to sleep, making this Grizzly Kush a great pair for an evening of playing video games or spending time with friends.