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Honey Badger Extracts For Sale at Chronic Store

Chronic Store often partners with other brands in order to bring their customers the largest selection of cannabis and cannabis concentrates possible. One of these brands is Honey Badger Extracts, which specializes in marijuana concentrates.

         Honey Badger Extracts

         Honey Badger Extracts’ process begins with the highest quality buds, selecting only the freshest AAAA grade plants for extraction. With a group of artisan extractors, these buds are then placed in a state of the art, sub-zero closed loop extraction system, which uses distilled N-butane to create a concentrate that is full of natural terpenes and flavors. Honey Badger Extracts prides themselves on the clarity of their products, especially their shatter, which is why all concentrates are dewaxed in order to achieve the greatest stability of flavor, providing customers with more terpenes, more THC, and less plant fats.

         Honey Badger Extracts provides customers with a wide variety of beautiful golden shatter, available in sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. They also produce a variety of live resins and have now branched out into sauces as well.

         Honey Badger Extracts Shatter

         Those at Honey Badger Extracts pride themselves on the clarity of their concentrates, especially their cannabis shatter. Having been extracted through the BHO process, these concentrates are then purged of all waxes, creating a shatter that is full of terpenes and THC and devoid of any plant fats. This gives it a glass like look that you can easily see through, as well as a flavor stability that guarantees consistency across all products.

         Honey Badger Extracts shatter comes in a variety of strains, from Gelato Cookies to Platinum Punch. They also have a special affinity for Purple strains, producing everything from Grand Doggy Purps, Purple Trainwreck, and Grand Daddy Purps, to Purple Kush. For customers looking to stock up on shatter in one large purchase, Honey Badger Extracts bulk quantities are also available. In 7g, 14g, and 28g varieties, customers can pick out multiple of their favorite strains in single gram quantities.

         Honey Badger Extracts Live Resin

         What makes Honey Badger Extracts live resin so special is the fact that it is never once exposed to heat during the extraction process. Instead, fresh buds are exposed to sub-zero temperatures for a number of days, thus preserving nearly all of the buds’ natural terpenes. This creates flavor profiles that are unparalleled to other concentrates. Just like with their shatter, Honey Badger Extracts produces strikingly clear live resin, meaning that it has been dewaxed just like their other cannabis concentrates, ensuring quality across all of their stock.