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Explore Inked Extracts Shatter at Chronic Store

At Chronic Store, we want to provide our customers with the largest online selection of cannabis and cannabis concentrates possible. This is why we partner with other brands that offer new and unique products for customers to enjoy. One of these brands is Inked Extracts, which specializes in cannabis shatter. Shatter kush is great for customers who enjoy using dab rigs and vaporizer pens that have been made to burn solids. With a high THC concentration, it takes minimal hits from Inked shatter for customers to reach their perfect high. With an easy to handle form, shatter kush is the perfect concentrate for at home or on the go. Inked Extracts offers customers a variety of shatter to choose from, those being Blueberry Kush, Red Haze, and Rockstar.

         Blueberry Kush

         Originating from the greenhouses of Oregon, this Inked shatter is the result of a cross between Blueberry and OG Kush. Just like its name, Blueberry Kush is a blend of berry sweetness and earthy herbalness, creating a wonderful mix of natural flavors on the tongue. This Inked Extracts shatter is an indica-dominant hybrid which creates heavy body sensations within its users, making it the perfect aid for de-stressing after a long day. This Inked shatter is known to be a popular bedtime smoke, as its mental effects create a dreamy, floating sensation that will easily carry users off into sleep.

         Red Haze

         A cross between Neville’s Haze and Colombian Red, this Inked Extracts strain has roots going as far back as the 1970’s Colombian cannabis industry. Since this plant is a slow grower it can often be a rare find that should always be taken advantage of. This Inked shatter is a powerful sativa that offers a highly cerebral experience. Creating a long-lasting, pleasantly lightheaded sensation, this Inked Extracts shatter is a purely daytime strain, as it provides as much energy as a cup of coffee.


         This Inked shatter is the result of crossing Rockbud and Sensi Star, creating an aromatic mix of spice and grape. This Rockstar kush shatter is another powerful indica-dominant hybrid, making it a great strain for customers looking for strong relaxing effects. Like with most indicas, this Inked Extracts shatter is often used for its medicinal purposes, offering users relief from headaches, pain, and sleeping disorders without the effects of debilitating sedation.