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One of the wonderful things about smoking cannabis concentrates is the sheer number of options available to users. Each concentrate has its own unique benefits, whether they come in ease of smoking, THC concentration, or by creating heightened effects. At Chronic Store, we’re stocked with every concentrate from live resin, diamond concentrates, shatter, and budder to THC distillate and vape pen cartridges. Each of the brands that Chronic Store has partnered with in order to bring as many new products to customers as possible has a specialty concentrate that they produce, and for Nektr Extracts this is their diamond concentrates.

         What are Diamond Concentrates?

         Cannabis diamonds are a form of THCA crystalline that develops within a terpene-rich solution, such as sauce or even terpene-heavy vape cartridges. They tend to develop at the bottom of a container, but can also be artificially made from refined oil. THCA is not intoxicating on its own, but when diamond concentrates are heated up inside of a dab rig or a vaporizer, they release high amounts of THC, making for an incredibly potent extract. At Nektr Extracts, as with most other concentrate brands, diamonds are sold within an additional cannabis extract such as live resin or terp sauce.

         Nektr Extracts Diamonds

         Nektr Extracts offers customers a range of diamond concentrates, varying in both taste and strain, whether customers are looking for the effects of a sativa, indica, or hybrid. Since diamond concentrates have no definitive flavor of their own, Nektr Extracts packages their diamonds within the sauce or live resin that they were originally harvested from, allowing customers to experience the high THC concentration of the diamonds without having to give up their favorite strain’s taste.

         At the moment, Nektr Extracts diamonds come in four unique strains, 4 Star General, Nuken, Watermelon Kush, and Wifi OG. 4 Star General diamonds are created by taking de-waxed and filtered BHO and subjecting it to incredibly low temperatures, creating the perfect environment for these Nektr Extracts to grow. Nuken diamonds come from an 80:20 indica/sativa hybrid, which creates a long-lasting relaxation without putting its users to sleep. Watermelon Kush is much the same, though is accompanied by a fresh berry flavor for those users with a sweet tooth. Wifi OG makes a name for itself among these other strains as Nektr Extracts’ most potent diamonds, holding a concentration of 99-100%.