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OG Kush, Diamond OG, and Banana OG Shatter

In the world of weed there are a few different legends that circle around the origins of the term OG. Most people will know this name from the strain OG Kush or any of the subsequent OG strains that followed. While some stories come from 80’s and 90’s rap songs that talk about weed, and others refer to online weed distribution sites, the most popular story comes from a strain of Kush that was grown in Northern California. Its grower claimed that it was Ocean Grown, and once the name was shortened down to its initials it stuck. Now, OG strains are numerous, populating dispensaries all over the world, and Chronic Store is no exception, being stocked with its own OG strains, mostly in the form of shatter.

         Banana OG Shatter

         The product of crossing OG Kush and Banana strains, this shatter has the smell and flavor of overripe bananas, which earned it its name. Despite being a hybrid, Banana OG shatter heavily leans towards its indica roots. Well-known as a creeping strain, this shatter has no mercy for users who over-imbibe, leaving them in a near comatose state before overwhelming hunger and sleepiness take hold. We highly recommend keeping food nearby when indulging in our Banana OG shatter that way users can satisfy their munchies without having to leave the couch.

         Diamond OG Shatter

         Diamond OG is the result of OG Kush being crossed with an unknown strain, which gives it undertones of fuel beneath the typical OG aromas of citrus and pine. A powerful indica strain, it is recommended that Diamond OG shatter be reserved for times with no immediate obligations. With an all-consuming, full-body relaxation, this shatter is commonly used to temper pain and muscle spasms, though its calming effects may be enjoyed by all.

         OG Kush Shatter

         While Chronic Store may keep in stock various children strains of the OG, their shelves are also no stranger to the original OG Kush. A heavy mixture of fuel, skunk, and spice, this strain lingers in the nose and on the tongue long after it’s been smoked. Not only does our OG Kush shatter carry a unique terpene profile, lending itself to a busy blend of flavors, but it is also a well-balanced hybrid, creating an additional mix of effects. Users will find themselves happy but not lost to cerebral sensations, and relaxed without feeling like they’re stuck in the couch.