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At Chronic Store, we pride ourselves on having an extensive collection of cannabis and cannabis concentrates, especially when it comes to shatter. Shatter is widely known as being the purest and cleanest type of concentrate, with many strains having such an amber glass transparency that users can see right through them. While shatter is mostly known for its glass-like consistency, easy to break apart, there are certain strains that are made from a runnier, sap like oil, which creates a more taffy-like, “pull-and-snap” type of shatter.

         No matter the consistency, all shatter must be smoked in certain similar ways, as it needs heat in order to activate the THC inside. The most common way to smoke shatter is through a dab rig. Since shatter is usually such a potent concentrate, with some strains holding a THC concentration of up to 90%, it requires very few hits in order to get users to a sufficient high. For users looking for a slightly more portable method though, there are certain vaporizer pens that can smoke solids such as shatter, allowing for an easy on-the-go high.

         At Chronic Store, not only do we produce some of our own strains of shatter, but we also partner with other brands in order to bring customers the widest selection of cannabis concentrates possible. One of these brands is Osuka Extracts, which provides customers with many unique strains of cannabis shatter.

         Osuka Extracts

         Osuka shatter is made through the nug run process, meaning that primary extraction for this concentrate comes solely from cannabis flowers. This process uses the most trichome rich part of the marijuana plant, leading to its concentrates being the most potent and flavorful. All Osuka Extracts are made using the solvent butane, which creates a shatter with the most possible cannabinoids and terpenes inside, leading to rich flavor profiles.

         Osuka Shatter

         Osuka Extracts has made a name for themselves in the cannabis business with their uniquely named shatter strains. With a range of sativas, indicas, and hybrids, Osuka shatter provides a variety of medicinal properties as well. Whether customers are looking for something sweet like Panda Cookies, citrusy like Mandarin Orange, pungent and woody like Miyagi’s Death Touch, or even the earthy menthol of Mount Fuji Snowcap, Osuka Extracts provides all of this and more. Each packaged in single gram quantities, Osuka shatter is sure to provide users with swift relief.