Pennybags Shatter

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Pennybags Shatter and Vape Cartridges

If you’ve spent any time sitting around a board game with friends and family that has made you want to flip the table over railroad properties or the deed to Boardwalk and Park Place, then you’ll be able to recognize Pennybag Extracts on sight. Just like your favorite colorful land deeds, these little cards of cannabis concentrates are sure to inspire envy among all your friends. At Chronic Store, we do our best to expand our offerings of cannabis and cannabis concentrates by partnering with other marijuana brands, and Pennybags Extracts provides both THC shatter and vape pen cartridges. With every extract being lab tested and made with the highest-grade cannabis, every hit will make you feel like you’ve landed on Free Parking.

         Pennybags Shatter

         With one gram of shatter in each pack, these little property deeds lay out everything you need to know about each Pennybags Extracts strain. Starting with its original strain name, it’s then followed by its type, that being a sativa, indica, or hybrid. The Pennybags Extracts deed then lays out the exact percentage of THC and CBD inside, all the way down to the second decimal point, letting users know exactly what kind of high they can expect from each Pennybags shatter.

         While Pennybags shatter comes with many different levels of THC and CBD, it also comes in a wide variety of flavors. Whether you’re looking for something sour like New York Diesel, something sweet like Park Place Pineapple, or even something musty like Short Line Skunk, Pennybags Extract has got you covered. As with most cannabis concentrates, Pennybags shatter is meant to be smoked out of a bad rig, though for users seeking more mobility a vaporizer pen that has been designed for smoking solids can be used as well.

         Pennybags Extracts Vape Cartridges

         On top of their many strains of shatter, Pennybags Extracts also sells vape pen cartridges. Made of a hybrid distillate, these cartridges come in fun fruity flavors such as Mango and Fruit Punch. With one mL per cartridge, users often find themselves experiencing the general hybrid effects, a mix of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation that helps calm the user without putting them to sleep. Each Pennybags Extract vape cartridge is 510 thread, making it compatible with all ccell vape pens. Each puff from these vape cartridges will make you feel like your riding as high as every time you use a “get out of jail free” card.