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At Chronic Store we’ve made it our mission to offer customers the largest selection of cannabis and cannabis concentrates possible. In order to accomplish this, we’ve partnered with a number of other brands who create new and exciting cannabis products that bring variety and innovation to our shelves. One of these companies is Polar Concentrates, which specializes in BHO processed shatter.

         Polar Concentrates Shatter

         Each pack of Polar Concentrates shatter is filled with 1g of premium, medical grade distillate. Whether customers are looking for a sleepy, relaxing indica, an energizing, euphoric sativa, or a well-balanced middle ground of a hybrid, Polar Concentrates has got a shatter to meet every user’s needs. They also come in a wide range of flavors as well, with everything from Acapulco Gold’s earthy woodiness, and Blue Cheese’s pungent cheesiness, to Blue Dream’s berry sweetness. Since Polar Concentrates shatter is made with medical grade distillate, customers can count on the strength of its effects to chase away symptoms of pain and stress, with some strains also offering assistance for issues such as sleeplessness and loss of appetite.

         Using Polar Concentrates Shatter

         As with most concentrates, Polar Concentrates shatter must be decarboxylated for it to be used. This means that it needs to be heated up in order to activate the THC inside, which then gets its users high. When it comes to shatter, one of the best methods of smoking is the dab rig, which is designed to be compatible with most concentrates. For those users looking to take their Polar Concentrates shatter on the go though, a vaporizer pen that has been designed for solid concentrates is also a viable option. This way, Polar Concentrates can be enjoyed both from the comforts of home and when out and about with friends.

         Making Polar Concentrates Shatter

         Each time a cannabis concentrate is made, a solvent must be used in order to extract the terpenes and cannabinoids from the marijuana plant. When it comes to solvents there are a few different options that producers can go with, and when it comes to Polar Concentrates each shatter is made using the solvent Butane. At its core Butane is a simple hydrocarbon, but the reason it is so attractive as a solvent is because of its low boiling point. This means that it can be removed from the extract at a low enough temperature that it does not affect the terpenes and cannabinoids inside. This is just part of the reason that Polar Concentrates shatter is so effective and flavorful.