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At Chronic Store we have a wide variety of cannabis and cannabis concentrates for customers to choose from, which is partially made possible due to the many brands we have partnered with. One of these brands is Shatter by Platinum, which, as one can expect, specializes in cannabis shatter, as well as vape pen cartridges.

         Shatter by Platinum

         Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, this company has been slowly expanding nation wide with its high-quality concentrates. Priding themselves on premium source buds, Shatter by Platinum works only with craft-cannabis strains that have been grown with a holistic approach. Another thing that sets Shatter by Platinum apart is the solvent that they use to extract their terpenes and cannabinoids, as they use a mixture that is half butane and half propane, which is more effective than traditional butane hash oil.


         This company’s shatter comes in a variety of hybrid and indica strains, making them perfect for customers seeking a concentrate that will take away any stress or pain they might be experiencing. With 1g of shatter in each pack, Shatter by Platinum offers the indica strains God’s Gift, Lavender, and Platinum OG, and the hybrid strains Cinderella 99, Golden Goat, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, and Sunset Sherbet.

         Vape Cartridges

         Shatter by Platinum’s vape pen cartridges come with 1mL of premium THC distillate. Coming in two flavors, Shatter by Platinum Grape and Fruit Punch, as well as a raw, unflavored option, these vape cartridges are perfect for an on the go high. Each cartridge is compatible with all ccell batteries, as well as most other distillate vape pens. Made up of 87% high-grade distillate, 10% MCT oil, and 3% added terpenes, every cartridge has been made with a premium hybrid distillate, granting users a high that is relaxing but not sleep inducing, euphoric but not mentally overwhelming.

         With each Shatter by Platinum vape cartridge it’s important to prep the cartridge before use in order to avoid any burning or altering of flavors. Thankfully prepping is easy, simply take five long, five second pulls from the tip of the cartridge while the battery is powered off. After that, your Shatter by Platinum vape cartridge will have its coil prepped properly for a smooth vaping experience.