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At Chronic Store we pride ourselves on our extensive collection of cannabis and cannabis concentrates. Of all of the extracts on our shelves, the most favored and most plentiful is our shatter. With strains of sativa, indica, and hybrid, we have a shatter that will fit most everyone’s cannabis needs, however, in this article we’d like to focus on our Cherry Pie, Amnesia Haze, and Darth Vader OG strains.

         Cherry Pie Shatter

         The offspring of Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison, Cherry Pie shatter is named for its unique smell, combining the sweet and sour flavors of cherry pie. With a THC concentration of 80-90%, this shatter is a balanced hybrid strain, granting users a smooth relaxation without keeping them trapped in the couch, as well as a light euphoria that doesn’t overwhelm the mind. Cherry Pie shatter has been known to take effect within minutes, allowing users to easily pace themselves, however, the effects also linger for hours afterward, letting customers ride their high for a whole evening after only a few hits.

         Amnesia Haze Shatter

         Despite its name, Amnesia Haze shatter will wake its users up with its uplifting, energetic buzz. Perfect for customers who are looking for a pick me up before running errands, exercising, or studying, Amnesia Haze is sure to give them the energy boost that they need. A combination of flavors that is sure to bring a tingle of zest to the tongue, Amnesia Haze shatter is a mix of herbal lemons and citrus, a sativa that is sure to have its users starting their day with a smile. With a THC range of 70-80%, customers will find themselves imbued with a sense of happiness, but also a rush of creativity.

         Darth Vader OG Shatter

         A highly translucent strain, Darth Vader OG is striking in its floral appearance as well, a combination of violet and forest green flowers. As for taste, this shatter mixes the sweet berry of grape with the sourness of diesel. As an indica it provides a complete body relaxation as well as a sleepiness that is ideal for treating users with insomnia. While Darth Vader OG shatter may not knock its users out immediately, it certainly works well as an agent for quieting the mind and putting all productive plans on hold. We suggest carving some time out of your schedule for this strain, as a relaxing evening of watching TV or playing video games will likely soon turn into a restful sleep.