Madcow descends from two high-energy sativas, Durban Poison and Purple Cow. With a heavy blanket of crystal resin, this strain is a solid choice for veteran consumers and for making concentrates. This pure-blooded sativa will hit you with weightless cerebral effects and induce fits of laughter. Smooth yet spicy, this flower releases a flavor similar to that of butterscotch.


Madcow and Durban Poison THC For Sale

At Chronic Store we house many different strains of weed, each with their own unique benefits. Finding the perfect cannabis strain for you is a combination of finding the perfect taste, effects, and price range. For instance, some users might like an earthy strain that has calming, relaxing effects, while others may prefer a sweet, berry strain that provides them with an energy boost to help them get through the day. Either way, with dozens of strains to choose from at Chronic Store customers are bound to find the weed that’s just right for them. For customers who are looking for a citrusy sativa, then we recommend Durban Poison.

         Durban Poison THC

         A 100% pure sativa, Durban Poison takes its name from the South African port city which it originates from, Durban. Its combination of sweetness and uplifting effects has given this strain a widespread popularity among smokers. On top of its sweet aroma, Durban Poison kush also tingles the taste buds with its flavors of citrus and pine. Many users turn toward this strain when they’re looking to stay productive throughout the day, as it not only creates a lifted feeling of euphoria, but also gives consumers a blast of creativity and focus. Durban Poison THC is a great pair to a day of socializing, studying, or creating art.

         At Chronic Store, many of our cannabis strains are available in concentrate form, and the same can be said for our Durban Poison shatter. Easy to store and handle, shatter is at its best when smoked out of a dab rig or a vaporizer pen. At the moment, our Durban Poison shatter is available in both our Chronic Store house brand, as well as the Forget U Not brand.

         Madcow THC

         Most users know that new cannabis strains are created by selectively breeding two already established strains, blending properties of both in order to create something new. Users can often tell what a strain will be like if they know what its parent strains are. As such, fans of Durban Poison sativa will likely enjoy any of its offspring strains, one of which is Madcow.

         Also sold as a shatter at Chronic Store through our partner House of Glass, Madcow is the product of crossing Purple Cow with Durban Poison THC. This strain is a high energy sativa that is known to give its users weightless cerebral effects and fits of laughter. Smooth yet spicy, this Durban Poison kush offspring has had users comparing its taste to that of butterscotch.

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Weight 1 g
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House of Glass – Madcow Shatter(1g)

House of Glass – Madcow Shatter(1g)