Casting Couchlock is an indica-dominant hybrid. Having a strong sedative effect, it can be used to treat pain, nausea, anxiety, eating disorders and insomnia. The aroma is strong and mostly hash. The flavor is earthy, skunky and distinctly robust. Couchlock strain is recommended for evening and nighttime use.

Casting Couchlock cannabis strain gives a strong narcotic effect. Its name says it all: an immediate couch lock. It starts with a body buzz that is intense, which later takes over your whole body. The strong sedative effect leads to drowsiness and sleep.

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy

Flavours: Earthy, Skunky, Sweet

Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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XXXtracts – Casting Couchlock

XXXtracts – Casting Couchlock