Getting free weed has never been easier. You can earn $25 credit for each person you refer and send your friend $25 off their first order! Your link can share that link by entering their email below or sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and more to increase your chances of people seeing your link! The more you refer, the more you get so share all of our amazing deals with you friends sky’s the limit. See the details below for more information about our referral program.

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What are the terms?

Referrals must be new-users to Chronic Store, they have to click on your personal referral link and place an order for the referrer to receive a credit.

Do I need an account to refer a friend?

Yes! Simply create an account and send the referral link to your friends so they can order with us. You can refer as many friends as you want and earn credit.

How can I redeem my credit?

To claim your credit, head over to the check out page when you have finished placing an order. Your credit should automatically be applied to your total. You can only redeem the full amount in your account at that time.

Where can I find my unique referral link?

Every account has a unique referral link, in order to access that head over to the “Share” page to email or send via Facebook and Twitter.

Other ways to access your link is through your account, referrals, refer a friend here.

Where can I see my credit/ Who I referred?

We keep a history of which friends you have referred. If you want to view your credit, go to my account, and then referrals.

Do my credits expire?

The credit to your account does not expire, ever.

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