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Online Dispensary Canada – Important Things to Consider


Online shopping has given both industries and customers the benefit of convenience. This includes online dispensaries and online cannabis shoppers. The ability to shop for and buy cannabis from the comfort of home makes it much easier for individuals to find, purchase, and save money on their favorite products.

What Problems People Often Face While Choosing the Best Online Dispensary in Canada?

Cannabis shoppers typically run into several challenges when it comes to choosing the best online dispensary in Canada. When researching different dispensaries in their area, a few difficulties come to mind when trying to narrow down a search.

  • Legitimacy. When considering smaller companies, shoppers often struggle to determine the legitimacy of a business. Practically anything exists online, and while search engines strive to populate relevant listings, it’s possible to end up shopping on a scam site that is willing to take the buyer’s money and information without ever delivering a product.
  • Product Quality. Even if a shopper reaches a legitimate online weed dispensary in Canada, it’s challenging to determine a product’s quality from a distance. Product listing photos obviously capture high-quality shots, but this does not guarantee that the product a buyer orders is going to match this established quality.


  • Security Concerns. Online security is a major concern for everyone, and as such, very few people are willing to take chances when it comes to exposing identifying information on an unsecured site. Dispensaries that lack buyer protection measures can lead to a lot of headache when it comes to correcting a breached privacy issue.


  • Product Variety. When a person shops at a physical dispensary near their work or home, they usually have a selection of items they like. Shopping at an online dispensary in Canada might not ensure that each item the shopper wants is available at a single shop. Shoppers may find themselves having to purchase their favorite products from more than one establishment, which is a hassle.

Detailed Guide to How to Choose the Best Online Dispensary in Canada (put at least 15-20 Q&A)

Canada has an impressive array of online weed dispensaries, which can be both a positive and a negative. The choices may become overwhelming when a person shops without guidance, but fortunately, there are quite a few ways to choose the best online dispensary in Canada to fit your needs.

How should shoppers utilize an online dispensary’s reviews/testimonials?

Most reputable dispensaries have served hundreds if not thousands of satisfied customers, and satisfied customers are willing to share their experiences. Online dispensaries usually have a review/testimonial page that can give shoppers insights about the experiences others have had.

However, it’s possible to buy reviews, so a bit of due diligence is important. Two easy ways to determine bought reviews from legitimate ones is to look for perfect spelling and grammar in most or all of the reviews and look for reviews that are generic. Legitimate reviews will come in a variety of writing styles and usually, people who are discussing real experiences will mention details about it.

How should shoppers compare prices?

Comparing prices is fair when it comes to choosing an online dispensary in Canada, but keep in mind that the cheapest products do not equal the best products. Nor do the most expensive products ensure quality. Instead of looking for products that cost the least, look for dispensaries that offer promotions, discounts, bundles, and other ways to save money on high-quality cannabis.

For a baseline, keep an eye on dispensaries that sell for middle-of-the-line or slightly above average prices.

How should shoppers assess customer service?

While it’s more difficult to get a quality customer service experience online, a great dispensary will find a way. If the dispensary you’re browsing offers live chat options or email contact, take advantage of it. Reach out to the employees and ask questions. A reputable dispensary will have support available to offer answers and advice.

How should shoppers judge product variation?

That depends on a customer’s preferences. If a small dispensary has everything the shopper is looking for, then it might be an ideal interaction. If a shopper wants a wide variety of cannabis options, they will want to seek out dispensaries with as many product types as possible.

In addition, for heavy cannabis users, it may be beneficial to seek an online dispensary in Canada wholesale shop. This way, shoppers can purchase a higher quantity of cannabis at a discount.

What about shipping and delivery options?

If a shopper plans to have their cannabis products shipped or delivered, it’s good to be aware of the dispensary’s shipping and delivery options. Be aware of shipping costs, timelines, and guarantees. It’s wise to shop with a company that ensures that products will reach a destination in good condition.

Also, if delivery is desired, make sure that the address is within the delivery parameters of the dispensary to avoid complications.

How are cannabis products packaged?

If discretion is a concern, it’s in a shopper’s best interest to purchase cannabis from a dispensary that notes its discreet packaging policy.

Are laboratory reports available?

Many shoppers want to know about the source and quality of the cannabis products they intend to buy and professional dispensaries are aware of that. A reputable dispensary will have well-organized laboratory reports on file for each product they sell.

What about growing/manufacturing information?

A reputable online dispensary in Canada will also keep track of growing and manufacturing information, keeping it readily available without forcing the customer to hunt around for answers.

What kind of refund policy does the dispensary offer?

While products that have been used are typically not refundable, it’s good to buy from a dispensary that has some sort of refund policy. Sometimes, mistakes are made or products arrive damaged. Rather than having to go through the hassle of begging for an exchange or refund, it’s better to shop from a dispensary that offers quick, easy refunds.

Does the dispensary reward loyal customers?

Reputable online dispensaries in Canada value the people who purchase their products. As a result, plenty of dispensaries offer rewards programs, which allow shoppers to save money on the products they frequently purchase from their chosen dispensary.

If being rewarded for customer loyalty is desired, seek dispensaries with rewards programs in place.

Is the dispensary legally authorized to sell online?

Despite the fact that cannabis is legal throughout Canada, it’s important to ensure that the dispensary a shopper is browsing has the legal capacity to sell products online. A reputable dispensary will have business listings, collect tax on products, and will include both health information and excise stamps on their product packages.

What site quality should shoppers look for?

While it isn’t necessary to have the sleekest site imaginable, shoppers should look for a dispensary whose website is well-organized and user-friendly.

How can shoppers be sure a site is secure?

To be sure that a shopper’s transaction is protected from dangerous third-parties, a secure dispensary will have safe transaction indicators listed on the website. For example, a safe site may have an SSL certificate and/or a cybersecurity verification.

Does the dispensary’s physical location matter?

It’s not entirely fair to judge a dispensary by the neighborhood it operates in physically, it is fair to consider location as a factor. For example, if a shopper has already noticed red flags concerning a specific dispensary, taking a dangerous location into consideration is acceptable.

What about testing the products of several dispensaries?

Cannabis enthusiasts regularly shop around at different dispensaries to get a feel for the establishment they most enjoy. It’s ideal to sample products from different dispensaries until a shopper decides which dispensary best fits their needs.

Why choose Chronic Store as your online dispensary in Canada?

The Chronic Store is a 100% legal online dispensary in Canada. Our store sells a wide variety of cannabis products to suit the unique needs of our customer base. We frequently stock new products, offer savings opportunities, and sell customer favorites in bulk. In addition, we present worthwhile benefits for new customers and offer free shipping on orders over $99.

The Chronic Store is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, and in an effort to offer the best online experience possible, we have live Messenger access available to address questions and concerns, as well as providing expert advice.

Our site ensures that transactions are secure, or packaging is discreet, and we do our best to ensure the most timely shipments possible.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

How old do customers have to be to shop at the Chronic Store?

Chronic Store customers have to be 19 or older, as per Canada law.

What payment methods does the Chronic Store accept?

The Chronic Store accepts Interac E-Transfers.

How long do products take to ship?

Shipping timelines are dependent on the shipping methods chosen at checkout. The Chronic Store ships products via UPS or Canada Post.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated based on the weight and destination of the order. The Chronic Store ships through Canada Post or UPS.

What if something is wrong with an order when it arrives?

The Chronic Store strives to ensure customer satisfaction, as such, if anything is wrong with an order when it arrives, customers are encouraged to reach out to the customer service team so that we can remedy the situation as soon as possible.


Though it can be difficult to choose the right online dispensary in Canada, shoppers can rest assured that if they follow a simple set of guidelines, they’re going to choose a great dispensary.

For customers who are still not sure which dispensary to shop from, let the Chronic Store answer your questions, offer great customer service, and provide the highest-quality variety of products available in Canada.

The Chronic Store takes every possible step toward being the best online dispensary in Canada in 2021.

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