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THC Vape Pens and Tips at Chronic Store Online

A THC vape pen is the perfect tool for cannabis on the go, or even just when you’re hanging out with friends. After all, it’s one thing to smoke by yourself in your own home where you can appropriately appreciate the rich smell of your most recent buy, it’s another to smoke around other people who don’t feel quite the same way about just how dank your weed is. It’s also important to acknowledge that people with a lung illness could be negatively affected by the smoke that comes from burning cannabis flowers. It’s safe to say that if you want to be respectful of others while still getting a dose of THC then buying a vape pen online is the way to go. Thankfully, Chronic Store has all of the pens and tips you need to get started.

Chronic Tips

Chronic Store’s house brand vape tips come in single gram quantities, all with THC concentrations that range from 80-90%. With fruity, citrusy flavors like Pineapple Passion and Sweet Jungle Nectar, our tips will leave a sweet taste lingering on the tongue. Filled with THC distillate, all of our tips have had any waxes, terpenes, contaminates, and any non-medical ingredients separated and removed during the distilling process. All of our flavorings are also USDA organic, so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. Simply attach our tips to a charged weed vape pen battery for a lifting experience of sweet, clean THC.

Liquid Gold

On top of our house brand, Chronic Store also carries Liquid Gold vape tips. Compatible with any THC vape pen, these tips are filled with triple-pass pure THC distillate with only a small amount of natural terpenes added for flavor. With fruity flavors like Strawberry Mimosa, Orange Soda, and Blueberry Bubblegum, as well as a THC concentration of 90%+, Liquid Gold tips will fit perfectly in your weed vape pen.

All in One THC Vape Pens

All in one THC vape pens are great for vaping beginners, or even just THC enthusiasts who don’t want to make the commitment to a reusable battery. Express Lane Vape Co offers THC vape pens that are breath activated, meaning no button pushing or battery charging required. Each weed vape pen is loaded with 50-70 pulls of vaporized THC cannabis distillate. With flavors like Girl Scout Cookies, Banana Kush, and Trainwreck, this is the perfect product for casual vapers looking to buy a vape pen online.