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Medical cannabis use has been legal in Canada since the year 2000, and recreationally since 2018. Since then dispensaries have done their best to allow users to buy weed online in Canada. Part of this effort has been to increase sales, but another part of the effort has been to make buying weed online a convenient, discreet, simple process for Canadians.

Despite distances, physical ability, discretion, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, online dispensaries make it to where Canadian individuals can always find high-quality cannabis products to enjoy at home.

What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis includes a group of three plants (also known as the marijuana plant group) including Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. These plants each produce products that are psychoactive in nature and commonly used throughout the world. Cannabis is used both medicinally and recreationally, depending on the individual user’s intent.

The History of Cannabis

Cannabis has been used throughout history, with its ancient usage being recorded in China, India, and Africa. Records date back as far as 500 BCE in Asia and note the medical usage of Cannabis in the area.

The plant made it to the Americas when early colonists used hemp as a rope and fabric product. Eventually (in the 1800s and early 1900s), Cannabis extracts were sold in pharmacies as a health tincture. This was until Cannabis became criminalized in the 1930s in the US and 1923 in Canada and was prohibited from being sold until regaining legality in some states after the 2000s.

Why Do People Use Cannabis?

People buy weed and use it for a couple of reasons. For one, it is a natural product that produces a mellow psychoactive euphoria, and for another, it presents medicinal benefits for individuals battling chronic conditions.

Part of what makes cannabis appealing is the fact that different plant types and blends can bring about different effects. For example, Indica-dominant plants produce a “body high” which is great for improving sleep and appetite, as well as reducing physical pain. Sativa-dominant plants result in a “mind high” that brings about a sense of wellbeing, creativity, energy, and anxiety-reduction.

How To Consume Cannabis

Cannabis comes in different forms, many of which can be purchased from a local weed shop. When individuals choose to buy weed online in Canada (or in-person), they can usually buy cannabis in flowers for smoking, pre-rolled joints or blunts, cannabis-infused food, topical weed products for the skin, tinctures, vape cartridges, and CBD-dominant products.

Because of the unique nature of cannabis forms, there is something for every user’s benefit. Some people prefer to buy marijuana in traditional flower form to smoke from pipes. Others prefer inhaling concentrates due to their lack of odor and convenient portability. Even still, other users want to either eat their cannabis products or rub them onto their skins for fast absorption.

Cannabis Products

When deciding to buy weed online in Canada, you might feel overwhelmed slightly by the variation in products available at a given shop. To decide which online weed product to buy, it’s a good idea to examine what each product type is and how it’s used.


Weed flower is one of the most common cannabis products on the market today. It is harvested, dried cannabis product that is sold in jars containing small bunches known as “nugs”. This product type is usually ground up after purchase and smoked out of a pipe or rolled into a joint.


For individuals who buy weed online in Canada, pre-rolls are a convenient cannabis form. These “marijuana cigarettes” are already rolled, which saves the user time and effort. Pre-rolls can be easily shared between 1-3 people (or more depending on each smoker’s usage), and they’re often included in promotional deals.

For example, when individuals order weed online for the first time, the dispensary often included a free pre-roll with the purchase. The same can be said for purchases that reach a certain price threshold.


Edible cannabis is any sort of weed product that was designed to be eaten or drank. Certain dispensaries will have different options available, but common edible products include cookies, brownies, gummies, hard candies, weed butter for cooking, and chocolate bars.

Many people who buy weed in Canada choose edibles because of their pleasant taste, lack of odor, and delayed potency. Typically, an edible takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to activate in the body, so this gives the user time to get things done while they wait for the effects to take hold.


Concentrates and distillates are other convenient types of weed products. They’re derived from the oils in cannabis plants and sold in cartridges, vials, or bottles. They can be consumed by vaporizing the product for inhalation, dripping it into food or drinks, added to an existing product (such as a topical lotion), or dropped under the tongue.

Concentrates, distillates, and tinctures are fast-acting, so when an individual wants the effects to become apparent fast, like with the need for chronic pain relief, a concentrate is the way to go.


Unlike other cannabis online products, CBD does not bring about any psychoactive effects in its pure form. Though CBD can be mixed with THC products to double up on the effects, CBD alone is not a psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Instead, it is a derivative that has become widely used as a health product.

CBD (or cannabidiol) oil can be inhaled, eaten, dropped, or rubbed onto the skin to allow users to take advantage of the array of health benefits this product offers. Many people use it for chronic pain relief, reduction of inflammation (both internally and externally), anxiety-reduction, and sleep improvement.

People who buy weed online in Canada might choose CBD oil because it does not cause the user to fail a drug test when the product only contains pure CBD.

What are the benefits of buying weed online?

To buy weed online in Canada presents several benefits that individuals don’t have when deciding where to buy weed in person. For one, buying marijuana in Canada at an online dispensary is convenient and allows shoppers to browse an array of cannabis products from the comfort of home. There’s no rush to pick products, no standing in line, and no need for face-to-face interaction as users search for the products they want.

In addition to convenience, there are an array of other positives when it comes to buying weed online in Canada.

Legality and Variety

It’s perfectly legal to buy cannabis online in Canada so long as the buyer is of age (19 or older), and the dispensary is a legally-established vendor. Why not take advantage of a legal, convenient way to buy weed in Canada?

On top of the legality and convenience, online Canadian weed shops offer a wide variety of products that shoppers might not find at the physical dispensary closest to home. By having access to several shops that sell cannabis online in Canada, users can be sure that they’re able to find and order exactly what they want without having to compromise.

Free Shipping

For individuals who choose to buy weed online in Canada, there is the added benefit of free shipping. Some dispensaries offer free shipping within certain distances of the physical location. Some offer free shipping once the user spends a certain amount of money on their current purchase, and some offer free shipping on a points-related basis. Even still, others offer free shipping regardless of any factors.

Customer Service

Buying weed online in Canada doesn’t mean that shoppers have to miss out on great customer service. Most stores that sell online weed in Canada make it easy to connect with employees via live chat. This enables users to ask questions about products, ask about promotions and deals, and get help if anything goes wrong along the way.

How To Order Weed

It’s a simple, straightforward process when shoppers decide to buy weed online in Canada. Online dispensaries make it as easy and convenient as possible to follow a few steps to complete a purchase.

Step 1- Pick A Dispensary

Shoppers should first search for dispensaries in their area and choose one (or several) to examine. Depending on how far the dispensary will ship and the products available, users can narrow their choices down to a single place to order weed online in Canada.

Step 2- Browse the Products You Want

Once the shopper has chosen a dispensary to shop from, they can openly browse through the catalog of products. Online dispensaries have all of their products neatly organized into categories so it should be easy to locate exactly what the user is looking for.

Step 3- Add To Basket

Once the shopper has located a product or several products that spark interest, he or she can choose to add the product to their existing order and continue shopping until they’ve either searched through the entire catalog or found exactly what they were looking for.

Step 4- Order

Finally, to complete the process of buying weed online in Canada, the shopper would visit their basket or cart area, choose to check out, input their payment and delivery information, and then purchase their products. It’s as simple as that.

Final Thoughts

Buying weed online in Canada is intended to be convenient and allow access to a massive variety of people. By bringing cannabis products to online markets, cannabis sellers are expanding their reach and making it simple for users to buy weed online. Online dispensaries ensure that shoppers can buy weed without hassles and despite distance or the business that their lives bring about.