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There’s nothing better than some tried and true good weed. We’re talking reliable, not too expensive but not too cheap either, flavorful, potent, good weed. You might be wondering what kind of weed we’re referring to, but anyone who has tried a AAA cannabis strain knows exactly what we’re talking about. AAA strains may not be top of the line, but they are perfect for giving users everything they need from good weed without the exorbitant price tag. If you’re looking for something with full flavors and potent effects, then look no further than Chronic Store’s selection of AAA cannabis strains. On our shelves you’ll find strains that meet a variety of needs, such as indicas like OG Eddy, hybrids like Trophy Wife, and sativas like Sophie’s Breath.

         OG Eddy

         Like any good indica, OG Eddy is the perfect cannabis strain for relaxing the mind and body, causing its users to release any pent-up negativity. It also leaves its users couchlocked as it loosens muscles and calms the body. In contrast to most indicas, however, OG Eddy also comes with a creative burst, making this a good weed for users who like to work on their hobbies while high, so long as it’s something you can do while sitting down. This cannabis strain’s scent has been described as woody and earthy, though its taste is that of sweet tropical fruits.

         Trophy Wife

         As a hybrid, Trophy Wife is a perfectly balanced split between indica and sativa, created through a cross between the cannabis strains The Wife and Cherry Wine. Colorful and covered in crystal trichomes, Trophy Wife is a good weed for those seeking medicinal effects, as this cannabis strain can be used to treat inflammation, autism, epilepsy, seizures, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and cramps. With an aroma of sour herbs and chemical earth, blanketed by a candied citrus overtone, Trophy Wife works quick and sticks around for a long time. Users report this cannabis strain as calming and relaxing with a warmth that pushes aside any aches and pains.

         Sofie’s Breath

         A rare sativa-dominant hybrid, Sofie’s Breath was created through a cross between Sophisticated Lady and Mendobreath F2. As a cannabis strain, Sofie’s Breath has effects that arrive quickly, rushing the mind with a pure, lifted euphoria that then spreads warm throughout the rest of the body. Filling users with focus and giggly creativity, this is a good weed for relaxing with one of your favorite hobbies. With an aroma of sweet berry earthiness, users will enjoy a spicy vanilla exhale with every hit of this cannabis strain.