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White Shatter Strains Available at Chronic Store Online

Shatter is a type of THC concentrate best known for its easy to use form. No grinding, packing, or rolling required, just break off a piece and put it in your dab rig or vaporizer and you’re ready to go! Potent in both taste and THC content, shatter is a favorite amongst concentrate users. There are many different strains of shatter available at Chronic Store, both from our in-house brand as well as outside brands sold through our online store. As we like to use these articles to highlight various strains that we have available, today we’ll be talking about our strains of white shatter.

White Shark Shatter

A product of Exclusive Extracts, this white shatter is a hybrid strain known for its potent sativa dominance. A cross between Super Skunk, Brazilian, and South Indian strains, its Myrcene terpene profile lends itself to flavors that are earthy and musky with a hint of fruit. This whites shatter holds a 75-85% THC concentration, making it great for an afternoon or evening high. A white shatter that makes its user happy and calm but also talkative, we recommend pairing this strain with an evening of socializing or watching TV.

White Diesel Shatter

A white shatter available through the brand Forget U Not, White Diesel Shatter is another sativa dominant hybrid. Carrying a THC concentration of 80-85%, this strain mixes the resinous White Widow with the pungent flavors of NYC Diesel. Combining the smell of diesel with flavors of lemon and grapefruit, this white shatter is a zesty combination of sensations. A strain with well-rounded effects, White Diesel creates a happy, uplifting head buzz while also providing a mellow relaxation in the body. We recommend pairing this white shatter with an evening of socializing, creating art, or even meditating.

Barry White

Despite being an indica strain, this white shatter is well known for its evenly balanced effects, offering bodily relaxation that can help with issues like depression and anxiety, as well as euphoric mental effects. With a THC concentration of 70-80%, Barry White carries flavors of sour fruit as well as undertones of pine. A white shatter that creates an upbeat mood in its users, we recommend partaking in this strain during an evening of ordering take out and watching TV.