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Diamond Concentrates Products Available at Chronic Store

At Chronic Store we carry a number of different cannabis brands that sell everything from buds, shatter and edibles, to vape pens and cartridges. One such brand is Diamond Concentrates. Providing extracts and accessories to stores in Vancouver, Toronto, and across Canada, Diamond Concentrates is a premier Seed-to-Sale extract company. Each of their strains are grown and extracted in-house, using state of the art systems that ensure both potency and flavor. Diamond Concentrates is focused not only on their products’ THC and CBD levels, but also on their aroma, appearance, and effects, aiming to create an overall pleasant experience for customers. While Diamond Concentrates offers a number of different extract products, their two main concentrates are vape cartridges and shatter.

Vape Pens

For customers looking to buy pure Diamond Concentrates THC, then look no further than their disposable vape pens. With a sleek and durable design, these pens don’t require any button pushing, just inhale at the tip to activate. While Diamond Concentrates’ pens are easily disposable, they can also be recharged using a universal mini USB. A charging port can be found by unscrewing the bottom of the pen.

Each vape pen is filled with 1000mg of premium Diamond Concentrates THC distillate. All of the distillate used is completely organic, as well as solvent, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin free. Diamond Concentrates carries a wide variety of flavors when it comes to their disposable vape pens, from basic fruit flavors like watermelon and tangerine, to well known strains such as Girl Scout Cookies and Pineapple Express.


On top of their considerable stock of disposable vape pens, Diamond Concentrates also carries a few different strains of THC shatter. A few examples of the strains that they carry are Panama Red and Acapulco Gold.

Panama Red is a sativa strain of shatter with typical euphoric effects, creating a happy, energetic high in its users. Despite having a rather low concentration of THC, this Diamond Concentrates strain is often sought after for its medicinal effects, as it may help combat symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Some users have also reported feeling more creative when using Panama Red.

Another strain of shatter from Diamond Concentrates is Acapulco Gold. A classic sativa dominant hybrid, this shatter creates a powerful cerebral high within its users without becoming overpowering in its effects of happiness. On top of its mental high, this Diamond Concentrates shatter also gives users a soothing bodily relaxation that can last for up to two hours.