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Hash Rosin for Sale at Chronic Store

At Chronic Store we have a small selection of hash rosin available for purchase. Hash rosin is different from other types of live rosin because it is a solventless extract, typically made from bubble hash. This gives the hash rosin a strong, pure flavor because it captures the live terpene profile of the cannabis plant without the use of solvents and is usually made from freshly frozen or live flowers. Most hash rosin tests at about 75-85% cannabinoid content with a 4-15% terpene content; however, the hash rosin strains available at Chronic Store hold an 85-90% THC concentration with a 10-15% terpene concentration.

Live Rosin is perfect for dabbing but can also be used in vaporizer pens specifically made for solids or to top off a bowl or a joint for an extra kick of THC. At the moment Chronic Store has two strains of hash rosin available in our online store, Velvet Cookies and Reek Star, both available for purchase in single gram quantities.

Velvet Cookies Hash Rosin

This live rosin is a cross between OG Kush, Durban Poison, and another third, unknown strain. Velvet Cookies hash rosin fills the nose with the sweet scent of berry and candy, followed by undertones of fruity spiciness. This strain is popular with users looking to medicate with live rosin, as it provides relief for severe pain, nausea, swelling, migraines, and stress. Velvet Cookies is great for combating both physical and mood-related symptoms, creating a relaxed and happy feeling in its users.

Reek Star X MKU

Reek Star is a hash rosin that is among the top ranks of high-THC strains, however, it also contains a little CBD, making it a great remedy for both physical and mental symptoms. We recommend this strain for patients suffering from anything from fibromyalgia to mood disorders like depression. When it comes to taste, this hash rosin is citrusy and earthy, carrying flavors of pine, lemon, and even lavender. A live rosin that will leave users feeling relaxed and happy, it also has a tendency to bring on the munchies, so make sure to keep some snacks close at hand when using this hash rosin. We recommend pairing both of our hash rosins with activities like watching TV or playing games.