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Live Resin and Vape Cartridges by Phyto Extractions

At Chronic Store, we pride ourselves on our vast selection of cannabis and cannabis concentrates. This wouldn’t be possible though without the many brands that we’ve partnered with in order to bring our customers new and exciting cannabis products. One of these brands is Phyto Extractions, which specializes in producing high quality concentrates like shatter, terp sauce, live resin, and vape cartridges.

         Phyto Extractions

         Phyto Extractions is a Canadian based company established back in 2015. As a company they are committed to maintaining a high level of quality across all of their products, which is why they create their concentrates by using only natural formulations. This is then supported by due diligence, quality control, and a commitment to safety which produces a high standard of consumer experience. In order to ensure safety for all parties, Phyto Extractions follows a rigorous set of testing standards, created in strict adherence to Health Canada regulations. They are also consistently putting time into research and development so that customers looking to buy Phyto Extractions online will never run out of new and exciting products to try.

         Live Resin

         Phyto Extractions live resin is a heavy hitting concentrate, to the point where beginners and even veteran users new to this particular extract are advised to begin with low doses in order to prevent becoming overwhelmed. All Phyto Extractions live resin is crafted within a highly controlled environment by using hydrocarbon extraction methods. By flash freezing cannabis flowers immediately upon harvest, Phyto Extractions is able to preserve the freshest and most aromatic terpenes and cannabinoids possible. By using hydrocarbon blends to carefully extract these terpenes they are able to make incredibly potent and aromatic live resin concentrates.

         Vape Cartridges

         For those customers looking to buy Phyto Extractions online, their vape cartridges are absolutely essential. With an 80-90% THC concentration, this distillate is made purely from botanical terpenes. Each batch has been third-party tested as well in order to ensure the absence of any potentially harmful additives, either natural or synthetic. Each Phyto Extractions vape cartridge is made to work best with 510-thread ccell batteries, or something of a similar voltage. Each cartridge is filled with 0.5mL of THC distillate, and typically comes in various strains such as Blueberry, Pineapple Express, Pink Kush, and Super Lemon Haze. Those customers who frequently buy Phyto Extractions online will know that they also often produce limited-time releases in different strains, creating an ever-rotating variety of flavors.